Facts from Kitzbühel to impress your friends

TSG Hoffenheim have been on their training camp in Kitzbühel since Monday. Arranging the trip for the team of around 30 players and all the coaching staff took a lot of logistics. Here are a few facts that you can use to show off to your fellow TSG fans in every conversation about the training camp. Here are just some of the many things needed for the Kitzbühel training camp:

450 cones:

That's how many cones are available to André Breitenreiter and his team to mark out areas of the pitch for training exercises.

250 training kits:

The TSG team will be working up a serious sweat across several training sessions, so they'll need plenty of kits.

120 pairs of football boots:

Some of our players have four or more pairs of boots so they are ready for all conditions.

120 bibs:

In order to divide the players into different teams during training, there are bibs in a variety of colours, including pink and blue.

62 people:

That's the size of the TSG party in Kitzbühel. In addition to the players and coaches, that number also includes physiotherapists, other members of staff and also some members of the board.

60 Derbystar balls:

You can never have enough footballs.

50 bicycles:

The team cycle from the hotel to the training ground every day.

40 yoga mats:

For a healthy body and mind.

30 players:

The most important people on the training camp.

3 refrigerators:

The players need cold water during the strenuous training sessions.

2 PreZero bins:

In Kitzbühel, too, recycling is very important.

1 dartboard:

Because the competition doesn't stop in the evenings.

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