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The PreZero Arena in numbers

How many tonnes does the roof weigh? How bright are the floodlights for home games?
And how big are the video screens? You will find all the facts and figures about the PreZero Arena right here.


PreZero Arena

On January 16th, 2019 renamed "PreZero Arena"

Video screens

58m2 surface area

Two LED screens of 58m2 surface area

Solar power system

270 family households

460 covered parking spaces 

Vertical clearance 4.65m

Output: 1,046.5 kWp

Amount of electricity produced annually: Equivalent to 270 family households

Energy is fed into the national grid


105m x 68m pitch


4,600 parking spaces

2,500 parking spaces at the stadium

2,100 in immediate vicinity of the stadium

Media technology

30,000m of cables

30,000m of cables and wires for the media, including radio and TV broadcasters


30,150 spectators

30,150 spectators (23,400 seated, 6,750 standing) 

Business club (1,364 executive seats, 40 executive boxes) 

Fan bar (450 capacity)


240 units

Light intensity at pitch level: 2000 lux

Total input power: 480kW


Weighs 3,400 tons

40,000m2 plastic membrane

3,400 tonnes total weight

No supporting pillars means unobstructed views


Opened in 2009

Planning begins in late 2006

Construction begins in May 2007

Completed on 24th January 2009