Steven Zuber: “It confirmed I’m back”

Steven Zuber suffered a head injury in a collision during training at the towards the end of last season which put him out for the rest of the campaign. He spoke in an interview about the accident, the time since and his return to the pitch.

Hello, Steven. The first week of pre-season is almost over. How do you feel?

Steven Zuber: I am happy to be back to begin training more than anything else. I think I’ve started well and feel good.

Your 2015/16 season was ended by a head injury in training. Can you explain what happened?

Zuber: I don’t really know exactly. I what happened on video afterwards. It’s all in the past for me.

You were taken to the hospital very soon after…

Zuber: I spent two nights in hospital and was happy that I was able to go back home. I obviously felt much better there.

You went to Italy and France during your recovery. It looked like a successful trip from your Instagram account.

Zuber: Definitely. Me and my wife visited some friends. It was important for me to clear my head after last season. I was often injured. My wife was extremelyimportant during those periods – she was always by my side. She knows me well and was able to help. It was really nice.

When were you able to play sport again? 

Zuber: That was two or three weeks after the injury. I came back and began to work intensely on getting fit ahead of the new season. 

You returned to first team training last Sunday. Was it a special moment? 

Zuber: It was confirmation for me above all. It showed me that I was back. That was the most important thing. 

What is your personal aim for pre-season? 

Zuber: I want to continue to develop but obviously my health definitely comes first. It comes above all else.

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