Basics Centre (BC)

At our Basics Centre in Zuzenhausen, we provide our youngest players with age-appropriate football coaching and training in social skills to help them develop strong personalities. Here, we gradually prepare our young talents for the transition to more advanced coaching.

Our youngsters

The TSG Academy not only manages the players’ development as athletes but, in partnership with the “Anpfiff ins Leben” association, it also takes an active interest in their education and their everyday lives.


Basics Centre Training

  • Enhancement of group-tactical elements to foster creative speed of play
  • Development of basic athletic abilities in a fun and age-appropriate way
  • Improvement of speed and coordination
  • Beginning of player-specific training on the pitch and in the “Footbonaut”
  • Introduction to sport-specific psychology and cognitive training
  • Acquisition and consolidation of basic techniques


Personality Development

  • Clear guidelines and principles
  • Individualization and socialization (teamwork and individual “flair”)
  • Personal responsibility and initiative



Basics Centre
- KPT | U12 | U13 -

Im Städtl 13
74939 Zuzenhausen
Fax: 07261 / 9477 222


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