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Focus on our talents

Images, concepts and ideas: All important information about our Academy’s three centres.

Centre of Excellence:

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) is located at the former professional players’ training ground in Sinsheimer Straße, Hoffenheim. With most players in this age group working to obtain academic qualifications, they can rely on us to provide organized learning assistance and exam preparation tuition in consultation with their respective schools through the “Anpfiff ins Leben” association.

Academy Arena:

Training at the Academy Arena in Häuselgrund, Zuzenhausen, covers the transition from basic coaching to high-performance sport, preparing young players for the next major step in their development. This is where the skills learned at the Basics Centre are refined and enhanced. Because players in this age group experience their most sustained period of physical growth, we take particular care in the way we foster their athletic and psychological development at this stage.

Basics Centre:

At our Basics Centre in Zuzenhausen, we provide our youngest players with age-appropriate football coaching and training in social skills to help them develop strong personalities. Here, we gradually prepare our young talents for the transition to more advanced coaching. The TSG Academy not only manages the players’ development as athletes but, in partnership with the “Anpfiff ins Leben” association, it also takes an active interest in their education and their everyday lives.