We act sustainably on every level and follow through when it comes to the issues we address and the way we go about addressing them. We also consider this mixture of sport, education, responsible action, innovation and integrity to be unique, because it is a path we have chosen to take ourselves, to leave our own mark on a world in which we must distinguish ourselves as TSG Hoffenheim in order to stand up and be noticed. It is a path that is both unique and sustainable, and has become our trademark. It is characterised by a philosophy that places human beings at the heart of all of our considerations. This path is tried and tested, full of potential for development, recognised far beyond the region, and last but not least, it is successful. Innovation and responsibility shape our attitude. They are the basis for our success on the pitch and from a commercial perspective.


Yours faithfully,
Dietmar Hopp


TSG Hoffenheim are a football club that has been established in the Bundesliga for 15 years. Hoffenheim is a town in the Rhine-Neckar district, which has belonged to the city of Sinsheim since 1972 and has just 3266 inhabitants. A village competing at the highest level of sport – in competition with metropolises. That is a challenge that we need to take into account when it comes to TSG's corporate development. Since our starting conditions are completely different and the club still wants to survive and be successful in the long term, we have to take a different path to our competitors. Over the past 15 years, TSG Hoffenheim have experienced extraordinary success (proof of concept illustrated, for example, by the careers of Niklas Süle or Julian Nagelsmann) and we want to continue this with an appropriate development strategy.

Of concept
Niklas Süle

2010–2017: TSG Hoffenheim (U16s to the first team)

2017–2022: FC Bayern München

from 2022: Borussia Dortmund

Roberto Firmino

2011-2015: TSG Hoffenheim

2015-2023: Liverpool FC

from 2023: Al-Ahli

Julian Nagelsmann

2010-2019: TSG Hoffenheim

2019-2021: RB Leipzig

2021-2023: FC Bayern München (Head coach)

ab 2023: German national team (national coach)

Nicklas Dietrich

2007-2013: TSG Hoffenheim (athletics coach, U17s-U23s)

2013-2015: TSG Hoffenheim first team (senior athletics coach)

2015-2018: RB Leipzig (athletics coach)

from 2015: German national team (fitness coach)

The key starting point for this development strategy are the brand´s core values of
innovation and social responsibility –
values that are deeply rooted at TSG Hoffenheim. The aim is to reinforce this unique positioning and to combine it with successful business models.

Pioneering spirit




A village club can only survive in competition if it succeeds in using alternative, new and effective methods. It's about changing the way we think about football. If you try to deviate from the traditional paths, you have to try alternatives. If these new paths are successful, that approach is called innovative. In recent years, TSG Hoffenheim has constantly found new paths and is regarded as a pioneer in the field nationwide.


It is therefore also innovative to take the banality out of football. Football is by far the biggest sport in Germany, and so it is held in very high regard, meaning it has an immense influence on society as a whole. TSG Hoffenheim want to use the attention they receive to convey socially relevant messages (as described in the fields of action of "TSG is Movement") and thus also to be perceived as innovative, disruptive and relevant.

Pioneering spirit

Our core brand values can only be implemented through a corresponding attitude, which in turn can only be developed through a specific corporate culture. The corporate culture of TSG Hoffenheim is resource-oriented and therefore sustainable, as this goes hand in hand with our core business and our business model: striving for excellence – tapping into the potential of people and groups. The important thing here is that our corporate culture primarily serves to successfully shape our core business. If our corporate culture is based on solid foundations, it is a credible and robust premise for us to stand up as a company in favour of innovation and social responsibility. At the same time, our focus on innovation and the assumption of social responsibility have a positive effect on our core business. Creating positive interactions is our overarching objective.

If we as a company consistently act according to an attitude geared towards innovation and social responsibility, that is how we will be perceived by others (at regional, national and international level) and we will be garner even more attention.

Benchmark of sustainability
TSG Research Lab
TSG Talent Development Programm
Common Value Club Alliance
Common Value Marketing Approach

At a glance

The TSG brand in one word


Our core brand values

Innovation &

Our aspirations and vision for TSG

We think about and continue to develop
football in every aspect –
on the pitch, commercially and socially.

Our core philosophy

We behave in an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable manner.
We take responsibility for our region and the people who work with us. We act consistently,
with courage and respect.

The Mission

TSG is movement

Current fields of action

Employees and players
Youth and fans


How can a village succeed in competing against metropolises? By finding other paths and methods. We are changing the way we think about football. Innovation and social responsibility are at the core of TSG Hoffenheim's brand and shape our pioneering spirit. The aim must be to create a mutually beneficial interaction between innovative orientation and social responsibility on the one hand and well-functioning core business on the other.

We. TSG.