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Not just football

The credo of the TSG Academy is a global, holistic educational approach laying an equal emphasis on both the athletic and academic development. A further core concept of our philosophy is nurturing social skills in line with a positive personality development.

The TSG Academy consists of three training centres:

  • Grundlagenzentrum [Basics Centre] (KPT|U12|U13), fundamental training and junior coaching training, Silbergasse 45, 74889 Hoffenheim
  • Akademie-Arena [Academy Arena] (U14|U15|U16), advanced training, Im Städtl 13, 74939 Zuzenhausen
  • Leistungszentrum [Centre of Excellence] (U17|U19), advanced intensive training, Sinsheimer Straße, 74889 Hoffenheim

Our philosophy is founded on our close cooperation with with the local "Anpfiff ins Leben" association, which is based on a developmental model educating players in fundamental aspects of both sports and everyday life.

We cultivate and foster an honest relationship with our young players and assume a sincere responsibility for their development. In this way we want to encourage an active lifelong learning approach and prepare them with a qualified holistic education for the demands of later life. The coordinated training aims to create a "Hoffenheim" mentality that pushes the players to excel as an athlete, whilst also teaching them important life skills such as self-discipline and social competence.

Every player completing the TSG Academy training, is guaranteed to have developed on a personal level, as a team player, and accomplished the right amount of confidence to flourish within a squad as well as their everyday lives.

All activity is directed to the developmental age of the players with the main emphasis on a comprehensive, educational approach instead of a purely results driven approach. Thus, the progress of players is not purely result driven. In this respect our coaches also have an educational mission.

The most talented players within the TSG Academy will be selected for the ‘perspective team’, where they are afforded additional training sessions, some of which are under the direction of the current head coach. Furthermore, they are encouraged to attend interesting seminars covering a range of topics.

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is striving to become a leading centre of excellence for up-and-coming national and international talents. In this endeavor we promote a reliable social and professional partnership between the club, the candidates and their parents. In order to follow through and communicate our ideas we attempt to act as the a supporting partner for the "Anpfiff ins Leben" initiative, and smaller local clubs by offering educational seminars for their coaching staff.