Baumgartner: "That was the Kramarić move"

Here's what the players and coaches had to say after the spectacular 2-1 win against VfB Stuttgart.

Christoph Baumgartner: "We didn't make a good start, but the way we always perform towards the end is sensational. We penned Stuttgart in at the back. In the end, the fact that my goal for 1-1 went in shows that fortune favours the brave. I probably wouldn't always hit it like that. We made a lot of crosses today and this time I wanted to do things differently. I then did the Kramarić move and struck the ball perfectly. I'm obviously delighted that I was able to help the team. From my viewpoint, we deserved to come away with the win. Our mentality is really good, you can see that in the changing rooms too. We have a super atmosphere. It's a derby, it's never easy in games like that, but we're delighted that we won today. The atmosphere was super today, that's what sets football apart. In the future, we need to take the lead earlier and dominate matches from the outset. From my perspective, we don't always have to make it so exciting."

David Raum: "We deserved it in the end because we once again gave it everything and got our reward. Christoph Baumgartner initiated the turnaround with his lovely curler to make it 1-1. He deserved to get on the scoresheet again. It's still to early to talk about whether we'll be playing international football next season. There are still several games but it's of course a dream of ours. But we're taking it game by game."

Florian Grillitsch: "The win speaks volumes for our mentality. It's tremendous, we have now already amassed 21 points from losing positions; that attests to our ability to always come back. The victory is deserved because we had good switch-play opportunities and lots of chances."

Sebastian Hoeness: "Prior to the game I had enormous respect for VfB as Stuttgart have recently made life very difficult for every opponent. You saw that again today. We didn't always go about it the right way at the start. Stuttgart's counters made an impact on us. In the closing stages of the first half, we switched up and made some slight tactical changes. Things went a bit flat in the second half until we conceded the goal. Afterwards, we mustered our courage and turned the match in our favour. The goal for 1-1 by Christoph Baumgartner is sensational. We know we're capable of turning games around. It speaks volumes for the team, which believes in itself."

Pellegrino Matarazzo (VfB Stuttgart coach): "It's extremely bitter for us that we lost here. We produced a good performance but have to return home with no points. The lads defended passionately and also created a few chances for themselves. I can promise that the team will bounce back. We need to defend the goal for 2-1 better as a unit, it's a very frustrating and avoidable goal to concede."

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