Julian Nagelsmann: "We want to reward the fans"

Julian Nagelsmann spoke to about his first days as manager, having fun and the differences between youth and senior football.

Have things calmed down for you yet?

Julian Nagelsmann: At the moment there are only a few moments when my family and I can enjoy some real peace. I need to prepare the team every day and I work intensively with my coaching staff. I'm also studying for my coaching badges and I need to devote a fair amount of time to that. My media responsibilities are also quite time consuming as I have to talk to reporters all the time. My priority at the moment is to get my qualification sorted out so I can get on with my job as a Bundesliga coach.

How have you experienced your first days as the manager?

Nagelsmann: The team were open and eager to learn from the very start. I have the feeling that they listen to what I say. In short, I've been pleased so far and both league games have been good. I especially saw a lot of positive things against Mainz.

How did you experience your first home game?

Nagelsmann: It was a great experience, above all because of the win. I was a bit more nervous than I was away to Bremen. I wanted to win at home to reward us and the fans, who keep coming to the stadium to support us. Thankfully, we managed that.

Have things been easier for you as you knew the club and the team already?

Nagelsmann: It obviously makes it easier that I have colleagues here whom I've known for a while. It makes my new job easier to adjust to. The same applies for the sporting side of things as I've watched plenty of first-team games, even before I knew I was taking over as manager. I've been able to get an impression of each player and of the entire team.

Are there Bundesliga games you're particularly looking forward to?

Nagelsmann: Every game is a highlight for us at the moment. We have a demanding job ahead of us – we need to win games. There's no game I look forward to above the others. I just try to get the best out of my team.

Since you've taken over at TSG, youngsters Philipp Ochs and Nadiem Amiri have come to the fore. Is that because you know them from the youth sides?

Nagelsmann: I obviously know how they both tick, what type of player they are and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I've coached them both for a long time and know them well. That definitely isn't the main reason I play them, though. I also know all of the other players well and our line-up is always dependent on the opponent. In recent games, we've wanted to have our best attackers on the pitch so that we can score enough goals to win.

You're playing away to BVB on Sunday. A great atmosphere but a tough game. What can TSG take from the match and what are your expectations of your team?

Nagelsmann: It'll be a tough game in front of an incredible crowd. The stadium is always sold out. Dortmund play a versatile game and we'll have to be focused. In any case, we expect to be able to take something from the game. We're not just travelling there to concede as few goals as possible. How much we can take from the game will depend on how bold we are, how we play on the day and how fit BVB are after their Europa League game in Porto. We're travelling there knowing that it's hard to win but we still want to – just as in every other game.


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