Bülter: "I'd like to make the biggest-possible contribution"

Marius Bülter moved to TSG Hoffenheim from FC Schalke 04 in the summer. At the training camp in Kitzbühel, the striker spoke about his first weeks at the club, his objectives and his talks with Grischa Prömel prior to the transfer.

Marius, what are your first impressions of TSG?

"I still of course have to get used to everything, many things are still new to me. But nonetheless it's a lot of fun, that's the main thing. The rest will then happen automatically as a result. I'm getting to know the way our coach wants to play football better and better."

Which goals have you set yourself for this season?

"The team's objectives come above all else. Last year did not go as planned for TSG. I would like to make the biggest-possible contribution to us having a better season. But I'm not setting myself a goal target that I'd like to achieve."

You've already played alongside Grischa Prömel in Berlin. Is that helping with your integration?

"Absolutely, he has massively helped me in my first days here. I also enquired about the club with him before my transfer. He spoke about TSG very positively, otherwise I wouldn't be here now (laughs). He gave me a very good feeling that TSG is the right club for me. He told me that I would find a super team and a super coaching staff here. The conditions that TSG offers us players are sensationally."

You led the way for Schalke in the relegation battle. Do you also see yourself in a leadership role here?

"I'm not a big talker in the changing room, I've always been someone who led the way with their performances. You assume enough responsibility by doing that. To begin with, I would like to settle in and get to know everything - and then grow with the responsibilities."

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