Mark Uth: "It was rude to turn up with one coffee"

Mark Uth had to be substituted in the 2-1 defeat to Wolfsburg. Since then five TSG games have passed while Uth has been recovering from a rib injury. During the international break, he should near a return to the team. The striker has been speaking to us about the recovery process and upcoming games.

Mark, did you know immediately that you’d done some damage to yourself when you collided with Diego Benaglio in Wolfsburg?

Mark Uth: No absolutely not. I was struggling for breath but I assumed it would go away quickly. But then when I couldn’t breathe in the next passage of play, I knew I had to leave the field and unfortunately, my rib has taken longer to heal than I’d hoped.

You’ve spent a lot of time in rehab. What’s been the most annoying part?

Uth: The thing I love the most is being with my teammates on the training field and on the field at the weekend, but the rehab was ok because I was able to do ball work with the rehab coach Otmar Rösch from the start. That wasn’t the case with my muscular injury in the first-half of the season. Back then I had to spend a lot of time in the gym and that’s annoying, I’m a footballer so everything we have to do without a ball is not so great.

You bring the physiotherapist a coffee almost daily? When did this become normal?

Uth: That was in the first-half of the season when I had the muscle injury. I like to drink coffee and thought it was rude to always turn up with just one in my hand for me so I started taking a second along with me and now I always do it.

The break from the Bundesliga gives you a little more time to get back involved with the first team. Does it come at a good time for you personally?

Uth: Yes I would say so. I can participate fully in training and then at the weekend I have a couple of days rest after several successive training sessions. Next week we’ll start preparing for Berlin and I will do everything to try and get back in the squad. I feel good and I’m fit. I’m not too rusty because I’ve been doing a lot of work with the ball.

How have you judged team’s performances while you’ve been injured?

Uth: The boys have done well. We’ve won our last three home games and got two draws away. I haven’t minded watching. We’re still in fourth place so even without me I don’t mind it carrying on like this.

After the break you’re going to be busy: Hertha, Bayern and Hamburg in the space of one week…

Uth: I’m looking forward to it. They will be good, intense and exciting games. I like having mid-week games. It goes quickly, there’s a game every few days and there’s less training (laughs).

Sven Schipplock has scored seven goals for TSG as a substitute. You’re on his heels with five. Do you think you’ll catch him this season?

Uth: I hope not (laughs). I would rather play from the start, but I’ll have to work hard after a long lay-off. When I come on off the bench I want to help the team and ideally with goals. 

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