Sven Schipplock: "It was great to be back in training"

Sven Schipplock has played 29 games and scored seven goals since joining Hoffenheim in the summer of 2011. Despite this good record, Schipplock has been condemned to the role of spectator lately due to his troublesome Achilles tendon. The striker took the time to speak to about his rehabilitation, uncertainty and his comeback aims.

Hello Sven. Since the training camp in Portugal you've been struggling with an Achilles injury for around six weeks. How annoying is it to be out for so long?

All injuries are annoying but this one has been particularly difficult. If it's a muscle or a ligament injury then you can estimate the time span but with this injury in my Achilles, you can't do that. My Achilles tendon has always felt good but when it's put under pressure the pain returns. It's frustrating. The uncertainty as to when I'll be back in action is an odd feeling. The doctors said to me that I really have to focus on recovering fully because if not, it may become a chronic injury.

You trained with the team again today for the first time. How was it?

It was great. It was brilliant to be back in training and on the pitch. If you don't train with the other lads then you start to realise what's missing and how important football really is to you. It was great not to have any more pain when putting on my boots either!

What have you been up to in the last few weeks? Training hard or resting up your foot?

A bit of both really. Rest but a little bit of training on the bike as well. I worked mainly on my upper body to make sure I didn't lose my fitness. In the last few weeks, I've been back working with the ball under the instruction of Christoph Elser. First 20 minutes then 30, 40 and then I included a run. We've worked hard to get me back into shape.

How long until you are back on the pitch?

Of course, I want to be back on the pitch playing for the team as quickly as possible. That means I'll have to put extra sessions in because I've got to catch up. When I'm back in the squad and can make a difference to the team, then it is up to the manager whether he picks me or not, as it is with every member of the squad.

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