Feldkirchen Day 9: Running is an essential part of the game

For the first time since 1899 Hoffenheims arrival at Feldkirchen, the temperature dropped below the 25°C mark. This was extremely welcomed by the players, as coach Holger Stanislawski decided to leave the footballs in the changing rooms that day and instead assigned his players to a 60-minute running session.

Equipped with hear-rate monitors in order evaluate the condition of each player, the Hoffenheim professionals went upon their business. The course had several different stages, but all in all the players had to run 60 minutes without being allowed to take a real break. The stages included things such as sprints with a medicine ball in their hands and even jumping over hurdles. The exercises were set out to improve the dynamics of the players and hopefully lead to a fast paced style of football.

Afterwards, the players made sure to undergo a lengthy stretching programme, followed by the obligatory bath in ice water. “The players had to endure a high muscular strain today. That's why its so important to stretch afterwards and the ice water helps the regeneration of the muscles,” explained Yannick Obenauer. “Stani” then decided to give the players the rest of the afternoon off, before Hoffenheim have their last test match on Friday against Polish first league outfit Legia Warsaw.

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