Never forget - N’oublie jamais – Football fans in search of traces

The TSG Hoffenheim fan representatives and the Hoffenheim fan project have set out to work together with local groups, schools and clubs that focus on Jewish history in the Kraichgau region to launch the project "Niemals vergessen-N'oublie jamais - Fußballfans auf Spurensuche" (Never forget - N'oublie jamais - Football fans in search of traces)

The aim is to trace the history of the Jewish population of northern Baden, particularly those in the Kraichgau region, before, during and after the National Socialist era. There are many places in TSG's local area where Jewish citizens were forcibly removed from their homes on 22 October 1940 and deported to Gurs, a camp at the foot of the French Pyrenees. The project will track the footsteps and (survival) stories of the citizens that were deported.

Participants will make the trip to the memorial site in Gurs, following a route based on biographical research and featuring visits to the hometowns of those who were deported. On this trip, they will be guided by the memories of Dr. Menachem Mayer, who comes from Hoffenheim, and will visit places from his own life story as well as that of his brother, Fred. Menachem, who now lives in Israel, will be actively involved in the project through virtual meetings, which will also be held with Ilay Elmkies (TSG player currently on loan to Admira Wacker).

Being a TSG Hoffenheim fan is about much more than just cheering along at matches. Being a fan also means showing responsibility for what happens both in and outside the stadium. With this project, we want to make a contribution to a colourful and diverse fan culture and, together with you, go beyond the borders of sport.

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