DFL decides to postpone Matchday 26

Given the speed at which events are unfolding today in terms of new Corona infections and suspected cases in Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 circles, the German Football League (DFL) Executive Committee has decided at short notice to postpone Matchday 26, which was due to begin today, in both leagues. As planned, the body will additionally recommend at an extraordinary ordinary assembly of professional clubs, which is set to take place on Monday, that the suspension of match operations runs 2 April – i.e. until after the international break.

The reasoning behind the decision is the fact that during the course of the day there have been cases of suspected Coronavirus infections at several clubs and within their teams, raising the prospect of further infections. The entire squads of Bundesliga 2 clubs Hannover 96 and 1. FC Nuremberg had earlier been ordered to go into quarantine at home by their respective local health authorities.

Objective: Complete the season

The plan for the international break remains unchanged: all the clubs are to determine how to proceed based on the information available at the time  including, for example, the international match calendar. The objective remains to complete the season by the summer – in part for sporting reasons, but in particular because bringing the season to a premature end could pose an existential threat to some clubs.

The DFL Executive Committee had already explained on Monday that in the event that matches were to be postponed, then this could be applied only to full matchdays as a whole. Based on the most recent information, this was no longer guaranteed.

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