Mark Uth: “We want to start a new streak”

After 11 Bundesliga matchdays this season so far, Mark Uth is one of top scorers in the league. The forward scores with his left foot seemingly at will and speaks on his strong left foot, his quick carnival getaway and the upcoming game against Eintracht Frankfurt (KO Saturday 18th November, 15:30 CET).

You’re currently the fourth-best outfield player in the Bundesliga according to Kicker magazine, you’ve scored five goals and got two assists. Could the start of the season have gone any better for you?

Mark Uth: There’s always room for improvement, but I’m very pleased with the games thus far. There were one or two chances I should’ve seen off in the game against Cologne, but I’m fit and I’m getting better with every game. I was getting on the scoreboard at the beginning of the season, but I wasn’t yet satisfied with my game. I’ve definitely made a step forwards; your confidence rises with every goal – every forward knows that and it helps with your finishing. We make lots of chances as a team; who scores is not really important.

Nevertheless, you’ve racked five goals in the opening games. If you keep it up, you’ll have 15 by the end of the season at this rate. Do you set goals like that for yourself?

Uth: My goal is always to top my performance in the previous season. I had two lengthy injury layoffs last season, which is why I only finished the season with seven goals. I certainly want to beat that this season and things are looking up so far. It would be great to get into double digits. Assists are also very important – I’ve got seven of those so far and I want to help the team even more before the winter break.

Let’s talk about your left foot – coincidence, skill or hard work?

Uth: My left foot has always been one of my strengths, but I’ve worked on it a lot in terms of finishing. I have confidence in my abilities and I believe I can play my way out of situations on the pitch because of my training. With this mindset, you achieve your more of your goals.

Were there or are there players who you’ve learned from watching?

Uth: I really like the way Marco Reus tears defences up; I absorb it and try to imitate it myself, and it can never hurt to watch Robert Lewandowski in attack. (laughs)

You used the Bundesliga break to go on a little carnival trip...

Uth: There were five of us guys and we all decided beforehand to wear the same outfit. I was in the shop with a mate and we bought wasp costumes for everyone. We had a great day.

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Frankfurt have the best defence in the league, after Bayern Munich. Why is it so difficult to score against Niko Kovac’s team?

Uth: Frankfurt play a very aggressive game and give their all in every challenge. They play hard, but fair. They’re a difficult team to crack because they defend well as a team and don’t leave you much room to play with. However, I’m confident that we can break through and find ways to create chances and score goals, but you can’t tear up their defence. They have dangerous forwards too, so our balance between attack and defence will play an important role. I’m expecting Frankfurt to stand deep and come at us on the counterattack, which we need to be careful of.

The loss to Gladbach at home was TSG’s first home league loss for 20 matches. Now the count resets at zero.

Uth: We want to get all three points in front of our fans on Saturday and start a new streak. Then we’ll see how far this one will continue.

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