Alfred Schreuder: "We want to pick up where we left off"

Why does Alfred Schreuder always wear shorts even in the winter? The Dutchman spoke to to explain his clothing choices. He also spoke about the team’s preparations for the second half of the season and the player’s current fitness levels.

Do you not freeze when you’re wearing shorts?

Alfred Schreuder: No, I never freeze. I always wear shorts even when it’s really cold. It was freezing when we played Köln but I didn’t change anything. The dugout benches are always heated so it’s quite comfortable.

How did you spend your two weeks off work?

Schreuder: I had a really nice time with my family. We had a great holiday together in Spain and spent the rest of the time at home in the Netherlands. It was nice. 

You’ve been back in training for a week now. Is the team happy with things so far?

Schreuder: The boys are feeling good and the first week went well. We were very pleased with the first half in the friendly against Groningen but the second half could have been better. However the way the team has been training and their attitude has been superb.

What have you particularly focused on since coming back to prepare for the second half of the season?

Schreuder: Obviously we have placed a lot of value on our physique. But there have not been any individual specific weak point. Julian always has a new focus. We worked on running in explosive bursts and different ways of doing that last week and this week we’ll be looking at our counterattacking play. Then we’ll have something else to concentrate on after that.

What are your aims for your next friendly matches?

Schreuder: We are observing how the boys are coping with the sessions and the work load. We’ll mix things up a bit after that, add to the sessions and keep or get rid of some of them. Julian is also doing a lot of video analysis to educate the guys tactically and show them the tactics we’re planning for training. But nothing has changed in comparison to how we train when we’re in the middle of the Bundesliga. We also don’t want to change anything, we want to pick up where we left off.

Consider one thing. Will the team be 100% by the time the league starts again?

Schreuder: I find it difficult to define what ‘100%’ means. We’ve only had two weeks off and the boys have a training plan for these two weeks to get fit again. Everyone is doing very well physically.


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