Marco Terrazzino: "An honour to wear the number 23"

Marco Terrazzino has returned home. In an interview with, he talks about how pleased he is to be back home, tells us why one number is so important to him and what his mate Sejad Salihovic has to do with it.

Why was it so important to you to carry the number 23?

Marco Terrazzino: I just like the number 23. It’s a nice number. And Sejad Salihovic has always worn it for TSG. We’ve always been good friends and we still are today. That’s why I was keen to inherit the number 23 from him, and now it’s an honour for me to be able to wear it.

Why was it important for you to speak with ‘Sali’ about it?

Terrazzino: I just wanted to hear it from him personally whether it was okay that “his” number was being given a new bearer. He said it was OK. Sali brought many great performances over many years at TSG and gave everything for the club. He’s a legend at Hoffenheim. I asked him out of respect for him and his performances.

How are you liking things back at TSG so far?

Terrazzino: It’s brilliant, and it feels like I’ve been back for ages already. I’m having absolutely no problems settling in and adapting. The team is outstanding, I’m really enjoying being back here and I’m ready to work my very hardest.

Do you like the countryside?

Terrazzino: No, actually I don’t like it at all (laughs). The quiet and rural surroundings are not really my cup of tea. I’m a city boy. But for preparations ahead of the new season, the peace and quiet is obviously fantastic.

Your roommate is Baris Atik. Have you known each other for a while?

Terrazzino: Yes, Baris is a Mannheimer as well, and I also get along with Nadiem Amiri really well. We all come from the same place and really enjoy being together. The three of us get along really well.

What are your aims with regards to sport?

Terrazzino: First, I’ll have to get up to speed with proceedings here as quickly as possible. I have already noticed in the first two sessions that there is a significant difference between the pace in the first and second division. I’ve spent the last two years playing in the second division. Every session will be good for me. I will give my all, put myself about and I obviously want to try and prevail.



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