World Cup semi-final: Germany vs. Brazil, Schipplock vs. Firmino

The first semi-final of the 2014 World Cup will be played in Belo Horizonte at 22:00 CEST on Tuesday; Germany take on the hosts Brazil in one of the biggest meetings in world football. The five-time World Champions vs. the three-time World Champions. Scolari vs. Löw. There are plenty of headlines going into the game: Neymar, Brazil's superstar, is out with an injury. Thiago Silva is suspended. The whole of Germany are discussing the position of captain Philipp Lahm. spoke to Roberto Firmino and Sven Schipplock ahead of the match.

Roberto Firmino

“I think that Brazil will win 2-1. 200 million Brazilians are behind the team and I was impressed with the team in the last game against Colombia. They will up their game again and reach the final. Neymar's injury is obviously a disadvantage on the pitch, but the Selecao will become stronger as a group and show even more strength. Nevertheless, Brazil must be on their guard. Germany really get stuck in can switch from defence to attack very quickly.”

Sven Schipplock

“Germany will win 2-1. Thiago Silva's ban won't hurt Brazil at that much because Dante can replace him, but there's no compensating for the injury to Neymar. The other attackers have found their feet in the tournament yet and won't cause the well-organised German defence too many problems. Things are very different at the other end. Germany's talented attackers can cause a lot of problems for the Brazilian defence. However, progressing to the final won't be easy, as Germany will also be up against an unbelievable backdrop of Brazilian fans.”

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