Moments of the year – The story of the side netting

2013 is almost over. It was certainly an eventful year for TSG, one that saw them avoid relegation at the last second. One that saw a goal, that wasn't a goal. takes a look back at five moments from the past year.

No. 1 - "Ghost goal" writes history

The day:October 18th 2013

The time:69th minute

The moment:Leverkusen's Gonzalo Castro delivered a corner from the left-hand side in the WIRSOL Rhein-Neckar-Arena and Stefan Kießling headed it into the side netting. However, the TSG goal had a hole in the side and the ball slipped through. The goal, that wasn't a goal, counted. The Bundesliga had its second ghost goal after Thomas Helmer's in 1994.

The consequences:TSG appealed against the result of the game, which led to a hearing in front of the German FA's sports tribunal in Frankfurt. However, the referee's ruling was upheld and the game remained a 2-1 defeat for Hoffenheim. The whole of the footballing community in Germany talked about the goal for days to follow. TSG ultimately accepted the decision and sold the netting at auction for charity. The “ghost goal” chapter is now closed for Hoffenheim, but it is still one for the Bundesliga history books.

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