Double interview: Andreas Beck and Sejad Salihovic

Andreas Beck and Sejad Salihovic have been members of the Hoffenheim squad for years. Salihovic has been under contract since 2006, Beck arrived in 2008. In an interview with, the leaders of the team spoke about their strategies ahead of the decisive game with Dortmund as well as the atmosphere in the team.

Hoffenheim have managed three draws and one defeat so far in Dortmund. The only thing missing is a win. What makes you confident that this time, you can do it?

Andreas Beck (AB): In ten games in Dortmund, you get the chance to win once or twice. We will give everything to make sure that is the case come Saturday. We know it will be difficult but if we don't believe we can, who will?

Sejad Salihovic (SS): I am optimistic looking at the week ahead. We have shown in a few games under Markus Gisdol what we can do. However, as Andi said, it will be difficult to pick up three points in Dortmund. Nevertheless, it's a game in the Bundesliga and that means anything is possible.

There are only a few days left until the game. Is the excitement building?

AB: Yeah, I have noticed a positive tension. Last game of the season, sold out stadium – it should be an absolute highlight. Even if it sounds a little funny but you've got to enjoy something like this otherwise you get knotted up.

SS: Not yet. I think that will become apparent on Friday evening or Saturday morning. I'm fully focused on training at the moment. I've blanked the game out.

How seriously do you take the atmosphere on the training pitch and the changing rooms?

AB: We were pretty crestfallen after the 4-1 defeat to HSV but the good thing is that we still have another chance. Despite losing last weekend, we have definitely made progress over the last few weeks. That's why I have noticed a good atmosphere in the team.

SS: Andi said it right. After the HSV game, we all needed one or two days. The atmosphere wasn't great but we've had a good training week so far. Everyone is concentrated on their work and we've worked last week out of our systems as a team. That's why we are feeling positive as a group again.

Dortmund have to play the Champions League final in London a week after your game. Is that a positive for you?

AB: Ask me again after the 90 minutes on the weekend. I think Dortmund will come out with their final team but whether that will be a positive or a negative, I don't know.

SS: I think that Dortmund will take to the field with their best possible team. Maybe one or two members of the team will have the Champions League final in their head and that will make them hold back a bit but those kinds of things aren't important for us. We have to focus on us and our performance. We will get a chance or two but we must take them.

Clearly you've been preparing for your opponents. How do you stop Dortmund?

AB: The manager has a plan that he has shared with us and we are convinced that we can execute that plan.

SS: Dortmund are a very strong team. We will have to stay compact, work hard and run a lot. We are ready for that though and are in condition to perform that way. From my point of view, those are the essential parts of succeeding in Dortmund and making the impossible possible.

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