Salihovic slapped with a fine

1899 Hoffenheim have hit Sejad Salihovic with a fine for head butting teammate Marvin Compper following a training ground incident during Monday's training session.

"We need emotion and aggression everyday in training, but Sejad stepped over the line", stated an unamused Marco Pezzaiuoli. However, since the bust-up the Bosnian international has expressed his regret and apologised to all those involved including his teammates. "We had a difference of opinions and I overreacted. That's not how I want to handle myself", explained Salihovic. Manager Ernst Tanner agreed that emotion and aggression are part of any training session, but was quick to stress that: "we expect our players to put a lot of effort in during training, but without pushing themselves to the limit. Situations like this one shouldn't be blown out of proportion. The players have settled their differences, Sejad has accepted his punishment and the matter is now closed."

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