Braafheid: "Playing to win"

Hoffenheim left-back Edson Braafheid is hoping to put the disappointment of his 3-0 defeat with the Netherlands team against Germany on Tuesday by returning to winning ways with his club. This weekend Hoffenheim face a tricky away game at Hamburger SV, which Braafheid previews in an interview with

Edson, how much of a disappointment was the 3-0 defeat to Germany?

It was very disappointing, and still is. The way we played was very disappointing, and it's hard to get that out of your head. But I want to put the performance to bed, and that starts with getting a good result on Sunday.

And with a win on your return to Hamburg, presumably?

Yes I hope so. I'm looking forward to the game. Hamburg is a great city with a fantastic stadium. We have to accept that Germany were the better team on Tuesday, and we couldn't find a way to stop them. But hopefully I'll be on the winning side this Sunday.

Who did you swap shirts with after the game?

I didn't exchange my shirt actually. Why do you ask (laughing)?!

There were rumours that you made a bet before the match?

Ha, of course! Yes, that's true. I lost the bet and now I have to train in a Germany shirt. But that's all I'm going to say on the subject!

You play regularly in the Hoffenheim team, but have not been so lucky with regards to playing regularly for Holland. Do you think you're now playing at the level you were at before your transfer to Bayern Munich in 2009?

I'm not quite at that level yet. But my fitness is much better now than it was in previous years. I think thee is still room for improvement in my game, and I'm extremely satisfied with my development here at Hoffenheim.

Hamburg recently recruited a new manager in Thorsten Fink. How do assess where HSV are at right now, and what type of game are you expecting?

HSV are improving a lot. In their last game away at Leverkusen, they played really well and rescued a two-goal deficit to come away with a point. Under Thorsten Fink I think they've arrested that slump they were in at the start of the season and they have a lot of potential, no doubt. They play an offensive style of football, but we have to focus on our own game. It will be an interesting game, but I'm convinced we'll get something from it.

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