Interview with Christian Eichner

The encounter with Borussia Mönchengladbach caused for a lot of discussions at 1899 Hoffenheim. spoke to Christian Eichner to get his opinion on the 2-2 draw.

Christian, was the 2-2 draw with Borussia Mönchengladbach the deserved result in your point of view?

I think so. We failed to get the lead in the opening phase of the match, where we had several decent chances to score. After we conceded the first goal, it was evident that we are missing self confidence at the moment. The fact that we then managed to get back after a two goal deficit shows, that we are a working unit and on the right track.

The team appeared to be slightly insecure after they conceded the first goal. What was your impression?

Yes, that's true. At the moment we simply take a longer time to deal with a negative experience. If we would have won the last few games, we surely would have been more secure in dealing with a set back.

After Gladbach scored their second goal shortly after half time, it looked as if the game was a done deal. How did you manage to turn the game around?

It certainly didn't look that good for us anymore. But Gladbach failed to seal the deal by scoring a third goal against us. That way, you always have the chance to get back into the game. Just one successful move that leads towards a goal might be enough to turn a game around. The support of our fans, after we got a goal back, was also an additional motivation for us.

Carlos Eduardo was involved in both goals scored for Hoffenheim. How important is he for the team?

Similar to a goalkeeper, Carlos is able to secure vital points for the team due to his individual class. He has the qualities to decide a game singlehandedly. If he plays like he did on Friday, he is immensely important to the team.

Vedad Ibisevic is scoring goals again.

I'm very happy for him, as is the entire team. I feel that he has finally managed to overcome the bad spell of not scoring, that should ensure him to do well in the next games as well. I'm sure that the goal against Gladbach wont be his last, if we continue to set him up well.

On Saturday you will play against Berlin, who managed to get a lot of confidence from their game against Freiburg. What kind of game do you expect?

Berlin will field a different team as to the 5-1 from the reverse fixture earlier this season. Friedhelm Funkel has managed to give the team back some confidence and prospect. A team like Hertha BSC Berlin should not be involved in the relegation battle anyway. But despite having won against Freiburg, they are still aware of their current situation. Therefore, we have to try to score the lead, which will then remind them of the delicate situation they are in. One thing is for sure: If we allow them to play up the pitch, we have a tough task ahead of us.

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