Kristian Baumgärtner re-elected

By 19:46 CEST on Monday evening, the time had come: Kristian Baumgärtner, the President of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim e.V., accepted his unanimous re-election at the General Assembly and will continue to lead the Bundesliga club for the next three years at the head of the executive board.

The event in the business area of the Sinsheim Arena, which was attended by 486 members – 186 of whom were eligible to vote – ran smoothly and lasted significantly longer than a normal football match. After 70 minutes, members and officials were already exchanging opinions over an evening snack.

The evening started with an emotional video clip, in which historical images from 1899 to the present day flickered across the screens in chronological order to the tune of an instrumental version of the 'Badner Lied'. The video drew thunderous applause from the attendees, including the board of directors and the management of the Spielbetriebs GmbH.

The outgoing Lord Mayor Jörg Albrecht gave the opening speech: "It's a tradition by now and a nice gesture by the club that demonstrates our good cooperation during my time in office. There have been more unpleasant speeches that I've had to prepare," said Albrecht, who only briefly mentioned the sporting successes at all levels of the club, leaving their detailed mention to the president in his welcome address. "My thanks go to Dietmar Hopp and all the other financial supporters who have made what's happening here possible."

Reference to the TSG Summer Festival

Horst Heinlein, an institution at TSG and the voice of the Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion, presented between the speeches and handed over to Third Chairman Frank Engelhardt for the sad part of the evening, a commemoration speech honouring the dead.

At the beginning of his welcome address and the reports on the club's activities, Baumgärtner referred to the TSG Summer Festival (21-23 June), the event that marks the start of the 125th anniversary celebrations. Baumgärtner took several minutes to review the sporting achievements and listed Hoffenheim's successes in the 2023/24 season. He cited, among other things, the first team's qualification for the Europa League, the first A-Junior double triumph by the U19s and the German Championship runners-up finish by the U17 junior girls.

"Twelve players from our first-team squad were trained at the academy, six of them were in the squad on the final Bundesliga matchday against FC Bayern Munich and four of them came on as substitutes," said Baumgärtner. "In Max Moerstedt, we also have an U17 World Cup and European Championship winner in our ranks who has already made his debut in the Bundesliga," he added, prompting another roar of applause.

Re-election unanimous

Next up was most important part of the evening. Jörg Albrecht requested the ratification of the actions of the board of directors, which occurred without any counter-votes or abstentions. Baumgärtner was re-elected even more quickly and just as clearly under the leadership of Helmur Kuhr. There were no opposing candidates. At 19:46 CEST, Baumgärtner stepped up to the microphone: "I accept the vote."

Thirteen people were honoured in person for their 50 years of membership and nine others for 40 years (see names below). The silver badge of honour for members who signed their application 25 years ago will be presented to them personally in the coming days.

No increase in contributions

There has been a change when it comes to the presentation of the figures. Auditor Jeffrey Larson from Delta Revision in Mannheim has been appointed as the auditor. "No findings could be established," confirmed Larson. The annual financial statements for the 2022/2023 financial year were audited by DELTA Revision GmbH WPG, StBG, Mannheim, in accordance with the requirements of the Articles of Association in Section 15 (2), and issued with an unqualified audit opinion dated 8 March 2024. The net profit for the year amounted to 550,568.13.

Before several speeches were given under the agenda item ‘Addresses’, mainly concerning the Bundesliga team, Baumgärtner in what was the first official act of his second term of office delivered the good news that membership fees would not be increased this year either and released the 500 or so TSG members in attendance – of the almost 10,800 members in total – to the hospitality section.

Honoured members

Honorary membership for 50 years of club membership

Ilse Axmann
Uwe Bartmann
Karl-Heinz Gilbert
Uwe Kempny
Dieter Koch
Gerhard Max
Marlene Müller
Volker Noe
Gerd Ries
Matthias Schoy
Ilse Siebler
Matthias Stech
Ernst Stoiber

Gold badge of honour for 40 years of club membership

Sandra Albert
Robert Allgeier
Günter Berroth
Gerda Büchler
Ute Greiner
Lieselotte Menrath
Helga Neu
Cornelia Sambel
Saskia Wagner

Silver badge of honour for 25 years of club membership

Simon Barth
Jamie Cairns
Cecilia Cairns
Hannah Edinger
Anne Engelhardt
Rolf Hassert
Lara Kreß
Stephan Maier
Bernd Prokosch
Patrizia Schubing
Sybille Streif-Mayer
Alexander Uez

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