European elections! TSG for democracy

The European elections take place on 9 June. TSG Hoffenheim support the ‘Pulse of Europe’ voter turnout campaign and encourage people to go to the ballot box in order to strengthen democracy.

The "Pulse of Europe" citizens' initiative, which was launched in Frankfurt in 2016, campaigns for Europe – in its own words, "consistently, diversely, personally, voluntarily, spontaneously, situationally and with the support of a Europe-wide network". Its campaigns and projects are mainly financed by private donations. "We at Pulse of Europe are very grateful to have TSG Hoffenheim by our side," said Dr. Daniel Röder, the chief executive and founder of the initiative.

"It is important that sport takes a stance, gets involved in society, is active and thus lives up to its role model function in society. We therefore really welcome the fact that TSG is joining us in taking such a stance in favour of Europe. Here, TSG are a wonderful example of civic engagement." Citizens in Germany will elect the 10th European Parliament on 9 June, while elections in other countries already got under way on 6 June.

During their five-year term of office, 720 MEPs from all the member states of the European Union will help to determine the fate of the continent in Strasbourg and Brussels.

Go and vote on 9 June and make a statement for democracy!

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