No Comment: Pavel Kadeřábek

Pavel Kadeřábek has been at TSG Hoffenheim for seven and a half years, making him one of the longest-serving players in the TSG squad. The Czech international has already played more than 200 competitive games in the Hoffenheim jersey. Now, the 30-year-old is back to answer questions in the "No comment" section for the second time, offering some insights into his private life, all without saying a word.


Pavel, which other sport is very popular in the Czech Republic besides football?


And who is the best Czech ice hockey player in history?


Do you have any other sporting hobbies besides football and ice hockey?


How long was the biggest fish you've ever caught?


How did you react to the end of Benjamin Hübner's career?


Three at the back or four at the back? Which system do you prefer playing in?


What is your great strength on the right wing?


What nickname did the fans give you for your tireless running?


What do you want to give back to the fans for their unconditional support?


What does TSG Hoffenheim mean to you after seven and a half years at the club?

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