Geiger: "It's down to business"

Dennis Geiger has been with TSG Hoffenheim since the age of 11 and in the senior squad since 2016. During the training camp in Kitzbühel, the midfielder spoke about pre-season and the upcoming campaign.

What are your first impressions of the start to the new season?

"There's a fresh energy in the team. You can tell in training that it's business time and everyone is committed. We're working very hard in pre-season. It's important that we get in good shape in the first few weeks in order to be in form at the start of the season."

What do you think of the new coach's philosophy?

"We played with good attacking pressing last year as well, but were slightly more restrained. Now we want to show more intensity on the pitch and to do so for the entire game. That doesn't always work for the full 90 minutes, of course, so it's important that we also practice good midfield pressing and adapt to the match situation."

What are your personal objectives for the season?

"I would like to stay healthy and make as many appearances as possible. It frustrates me that I missed so many games last season. My objective is to be able to play more than 30 matches in the Bundesliga."

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