"TSG helps" supports clubs at Lake Tegernsee

The non-profit association "TSG helps", founded by TSG Hoffenheim, is providing aid to three clubs from the Tegernsee region, where the Bundesliga team have currently set up their training camp in Rottach-Egern. Club Tegernsee, FC Real Kreuth and FC Rottach-Egern received financial aid from "TSG helps", which has supported and will continue to support more than 260 clubs and social institutions from the Rhine-Neckar region since its foundation in March 2020.

Thanks to the professional and good care that the local people have taken of TSG, the team are enjoying a perfect environment in Rottach-Egern. The clubs in the Upper Bavaria region are also actively supporting the training camp and are thus playing their part in the success of the training camp in every respect – even though the Coronavirus pandemic hit the clubs there just as hard as it has hit the clubs in the Rhine-Neckar region, home to TSG. "TSG hilft e.V. (TSG helps) has therefore decided to financially support these three clubs that call Lake Tegernsee home," said Kristian Baumgärtner, deputy chairman of TSG Hoffenheim. Baumgärtner, who is currently acting chairman, is currently also in Rottach-Egern with the "HOFFEXPRESS" and the team.

Club Tegernsee is not a classic sports club, but rather a general association providing support in the region. Since its foundation, it has been supporting clubs, schools, kindergartens and institutions and that provide help to children. "We would like to thank you very much for your generous support. We will use the funds in a targeted manner once again," wrote Andreas Scherzer, director of Club Tegernsee. "We are a small club that is always happy to welcome guests. Your donation is really important to us, as we have lost all sources of income for last year and this year," says Florian Schöpfer, CFO of FC Rottach-Egern. Karl Kandlinger of FC Real Kreuth, a club with almost 700 members and a total of ten teams, also expressed his thanks: "Since our club celebrations had to be cancelled for the second time this year and our main source of income has been eliminated, we are very grateful that you are supporting us with a donation. This will help us a lot in our work with young people in the coming season."

"TSG helps" has already been able to donate a total of around €1 million. The project continues to be very well received by clubs that have been in trouble as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The aid fund was set up by TSG Hoffenheim in March 2020 because it is something that is close to the heart of the Bundesliga football team to live up to its guiding principle of taking on social responsibility, especially in a crisis.

The aid fund is funded by salaries waived by the TSG Bundesliga men's and women's teams, the coaches and physios, as well as the club's management. In addition, the club's youth teams, some partner companies, many fans and other individuals have topped up the fund with their donations. The "TSG helps" project will continue indefinitely.

More information about TSG helps, the Coronavirus aid fund for clubs, as well as the two current campaigns: "RE:Start – The TSG helps future prize" and "Sofatransfer", each of which has been backed to the tune of €100,000, can be found at

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