Special mag marks Dietmar Hopp's 80th birthday

"Many happy returns, Dietmar Hopp!“ TSG Hoffenheim would like to wish a happy 80th birthday to a great patron, benefactor and partner. We are taking this landmark occasion as an opportunity to trace the journey and impact of Dietmar Hopp up to the present day in a very special e-magazine.

Born in Heidelberg on 26 April 1940, Dietmar Hopp grew up in Hoffenheim and spent many years leading the line for TSG himself from 1954 onwards. There have been many rewarding and successful years since then. As the founder of the software company SAP, and as a benefactor, investor and sponsor of TSG Hoffenheim, Dietmar Hopp has made a wonderful reputation for himself both within the borders of Germany and beyond.

In a five-part "history lesson", which appeared in our club magazine SPIELFELD between 2016 and 2018, we chronologised the life story of Dietmar Hopp. We take you back through the years - from wartime in the Kraichgau and the era of the economic boom, to the founding of SAP and his work as a benefactor.

This digital magazine additionally contains many other articles in which our patron expresses his thoughts on a host of topics related to TSG Hoffenheim, including the nomination of his all-time TSG dream team. Other pages serve to document phases and stages of his involvement that are closely connected to the development of TSG Hoffenheim from a lower-league team to an established member of the Bundesliga. Furthermore, there are several interviews that shed light on the fundamental thoughts and opinions of Dietmar Hopp.

We hope you enjoy reading.

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The upcoming edition of SPIELFELD, which will be published on (Saturday) 2 May, will also look at the involvement of Dietmar Hopp and his foundation up close and in detail.

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