No comment with Ihlas Bebou

Ihlas Bebou, 25, signed for TSG in the summer. He's already managed to get on the scoresheet in multiple competitions for his new club: he scored his first goal as a TSG player away to the Würzburger Kickers in the DFB-Cup and then followed it up with a goal against Werder Bremen on his home debut in the Bundesliga. The athletic attacking player, who previously played in the Bundesliga for both Fortuna Düsseldorf and Hannover 96, has added a whole new aspect to Hoffenheim's frontline. Interviewed for SPIELFELD magazine, the Togolese star introduces himself to TSG fans, reveals his career goals and gives insights into his private life - all without saying a single word!


Both teammates and fans have been stunned by your incredible pace. Is your jumping ability equally impressive?


You've always chosen to wear an odd number on the back of your shirt. Is this just by chance or are you superstitious by nature?


The TSG support have certainly enjoyed your goals. How do you celebrate when you've scored one?


You're a big, strong, athletic guy - but is there anything you're afraid of?


Do you have a secret passion that you pursue after training?


You made your biggest childhood dream a reality by becoming a professional football player. What other dreams do you still have to achieve?


When you were 11 years old you moved from Togo to the Rhineland. Are you a big fan of carnival? 


What was your first impression of Germany when you moved here?


This one's just between us: is there anything you can't do?

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