New design and layout for the TSG homepage

The TSG Hoffenheim homepage has undergone a makeover ahead of the new season. Many elements of have been adjusted to reflect user trends and the result is a whole host of benefits for browsers. Scroll through and take a look at the amended design and layout for yourself.

In keeping with the slogan of our current shirt campaign ("All new but still blue"), the TSG homepage has been given a new look. The new and clearer navigation tree should make it easier for fans to find the categories and topics they are searching for. The number of key topic areas has undergone a drastic reduction, with the number whittled down from 17 to just five. The various sub-categories can still be found – but under the five major headings of "News", "Teams", "Fans", "TSG" and "Business". And it goes without saying: it's all still in TSG blue. 

"We've analysed the clicking patterns of our fans and drawn a conclusion from it. The most important categories shall now be accessible to the users in one click. Our objective was to create clear added value for the fans," said Ralf Pressler, the Head of Digital Performance & Marketing at TSG Hoffenheim.

From the homepage, which boasts a fresh new design too, users can access the Ticket Shop, the Fan Shop or the Match Centre with just one extra click  Furthermore, fans who are browsing the homepage will be shown the five latest news stories, the three most recent social media posts, the latest video from TSG.TV and several upcoming key dates. "Our homepage has been given a new look that is tidier and better structured than before. This way we're making life easier for our fans and increasing their browsing pleasure," said Pressler.

The Head of Digital Performance & Marketing subsequently announced an additional change for "We will integrate a digital online assistant for the fans," Pressler said.


Due to the changeover, was inaccessible for a short while on Thursday. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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