DFL: Coaches allowed to communicate via headset

Julian Nagelsmann and his coaching staff will be able to increasingly rely on technical aids in the new season: the DFL has announced that communication between the bench and the stands − either via headsets or tablets − will be allowed in the top two tiers of German football starting from next term.

The German Football League (DFL) has decided to introduce a new measure for the new season that will open up new means of communication to the TSG Hoffenheim coaching staff. Starting from 2018/19, all the teams in the top two divisions will be able to use technical aids − such as a tablet or a headset − in the dugout for coaching or tactical purposes. Among other things, the new measure will facilitate communication between the bench and a member of the coaching staff in the stands. The number of devices per team will be limited to three.

This technical innovation has already been deployed at the World Cup in Russia this summer. German assistant coach Thomas Schneider communicated with his colleague Marcus Sorg, who was up in the stands, each time the national team was in action.

Complaints not permitted

As well as technology to enhance tactics, communication with the medical staff will be strengthened too. While still on the pitch, team doctors and support staff will now be allowed to pass an initial medical diagnosis to the bench.

In addition, the DFL clarified that the technical devices and the new means of communication between the stands and the bench may not be used for the purposes of reviewing decisions and subsequently complaining to match officials. Should this happen, it will be immediately sanctioned by the referee and his team.

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