Mark Uth: “I think we can get through”

Mark Uth’s late goal in the Champions League playoff home match against Liverpool FC kept TSG in the running for a spot in the competition group stage. The attacking player spoke to about making history, TSG’s successful start to the Bundesliga campaign and the away match to the Reds on Wednesday at Antfield.

Mark, you entered the TSG history books with your goal against Liverpool last week.

Mark Uth: Yes, it was TSG’s first goal in the Champions League. I didn’t know it at the time – I was just desperate to pull a goal back for the team. Of course, it is something special for me.

How important was the win against Bremen in preparation for the match against Liverpool?

Uth: The win is most important within the context of the Bundesliga because we desperately wanted to start the season with three points, but it does go into the match at Antfield with a good feeling. We want to show Liverpool what we’re capable of. The match against Bremen was challenging because they were defending so deep but the victory means we can be satisfied with our start to the season – two wins and the one defeat to Liverpool, but we know we could have won that match too. They have all been tricky matches because all the teams we have come up against so far have defended deep – it’s something we need to get used to. 

What are you expecting from the game against the Reds? 

Uth: I think they will play a much more aggressive game than last week. The will want to get an early goal to try and break our belief, but of course we will be trying our hardest to score the first goal as well. 

It seems a lot of teams defend deep against TSG. What can you do to score more goals against that tactic?

Uth: We need to use our wingers more and try and get more crosses into the box. Also, when we don’t win the first ball, it is crucial we are aggressive in winning it back. In past seasons we’ve had more space and so could play in a different way, running behind the defence for example. I think we will get better over the course of the season but we’ve had a positive start against Bremen; we’ll go from there. 

Antfield can be overwhelming. What role will the stadium and the fans play on Wednesday? 

Uth: I’m seriously excited about playing there – it will be my first time. Everyone knows Antfield and everyone wants to play against Liverpool. This is our chance to do that. I’m not nervous, quite the opposite – I will cherish the opportunity. We all want to have a fantastic game and come out with a victory. 

How are Hoffenheim going to play against Jürgen Klopp’s side? 

Uth: We all know we have a chance of progressing. We’re going to pick up where we left off and look for the early goal. Our first half against Liverpool last week was particularly strong and that’s what we want to reproduce at Antfield. I can promise the fans that we will give it our all for 90 minutes.

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