Marco Terrazzino: "Because I love football"

Marco Terrazzino had to wait for his chance. He worked hard, and was rewarded against Mainz last weekend with a goal, an assist, and even a sprint from his manager. He spoke to us about the emotions, good food, and his cooking credentials as well as this weekend’s game in Wolfsburg.

Quickly talk us through what happened on Saturday?

Marco Terrazzino: It was a great experience for me. I was finally back in the squad, had the chance to come on and then play a part in the strong and hectic ending. A goal and an assist in a 4-0 win- definitely the perfect day for me.

Julian Nagelsmann ran the length of the touchline to celebrate with you and congratulate you and then after the match there was a accolades from everyone in the dressing room. What did that mean to you?

Terrazzino: Everything was so emotional, and a lot went through my mind. The last few months have not been easy for me. I was training, but hadn’t been involved with the squad since the opening day of the season against Leipzig. I stayed patient, worked hard and waited to take my opportunity when it came. I noticed in the celebration during the game and afterwards how happy everyone was for me. To have everyone standing their clapping as I made my way back to kick off was incredible. This week has been special too, everyone around the club has been so happy for me.

It was just your second short cameo appearance of the season. How did you motivate yourself to keep going?

Terrazzino: That kind of thing is part and parcel of being a footballer. Things don't always go how you want them to. It was not the first tough phase of my career - I had experience it before and as a result I knew how to get out of it. It is sometimes difficult to give everything, but it's the only way you can have a chance to play again. I did it because I love football and I wanted to get going again, and that forced me to fight on.

There was an option to move over winter, what convinced you to stay at TSG?

Terrazzino: I had a lot of positive talks with Julian Nagelsmann and Alexander Rosen. They carried on through the winter and we were all of the opinion that I could come back and return for TSG and as a result I wanted to stay. I lifted my focus again and upped my game. Julian encouraged me to believe in my strengths and use them as much as possible. That was key to me performing better again.

The team recently paid a visit to your parents’ restaurant. How did that come about and what was on the menu?

Terrazzino: We had had a great evening at Andrej Kramaric’s house playing poker and it made me wonder if I could organise something. They liked the idea a lot so we organised something on one of the days off. My parents cooked and afterwards we played a bit of poker. There were Italian antipasti to start with, followed by Sicilian prepared chicken drumsticks with potatoes. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we had a great evening.

Have you got a favourite dish and how are your culinary skills?

Terrazzino: That’s a tough question because I like eating a lot of things. I’d probably say my Dad’s pasta is the best, he knows exactly how I like it- a bit of mozzarella, chopped onion and some spices. But it’s not the best meal for a footballer so I cannot have it too often. I can’t cook it myself. Like most people I can do noodles, but have to use a ready-made sauce (laughs).

From food to Bundesliga football; what are you expecting from Wolfsburg this weekend?

Terrazzino: Wolfsburg are difficult to break down. They have a lot of quality in their squad and strengthened well during the winter break. This season perhaps did not go to plan and there was a change of manager, which changed the course of their season. But we have a good chance to get the three points and we have to go there with this attitude. It will depend on whether we believe in our strengths.

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