Benjamin Hübner: "Made a good start" - #bergtour

Benjamin Hübner is one of the newcomers to TSG. The central defender joined from Ingolstadt. He celebrated his 27th birthday on Monday. caught up with him on the first day at the training camp in Garmisch to talk about his first impressions, celebrating his birthday and his roommates.

Hello, Benni. How do you celebrate your birthday when it falls on the first day of the pre-season training camp?

Benjamin Hübner: That was a bit difficult today. Normally I would have slept in but my alarm went off at 5:45 CEST this morning. I spent a lot of time on the team bus. There was still no time to celebrate. I’ll wait and see what happens this evening. I need to enquire what happens and is done at TSG. Perhaps I need to at least buy a round but definitely not more because we’re back out on the training pitch on Tuesday morning.

What are your first impressions here in Garmisch?

Hübner: I can’t comment a great deal yet because we’ve only been here for a couple of hours. But the food at lunch and dinner was very good, the pitch is in excellent condition and it’s great that we can reach it by a 15-minute bike ride.

Who are you sharing a room with?

Hübner: Kevin Vogt and that’s going well. We’re still sussing each other out a bit and finding out who is in charge (laughs).

You’ve been with the team for two days. How are you fitting in?

Hübner: It’s already going really well. Both myself and the other newcomers have been made to feel welcome. The lads are open and communicative. I’ve made a good start to my time at TSG.

You’ll wear the number 21. Was this your dream choice?

Hübner: I’ve always previously worn the number 5, but Fabian Schär has already taken that. Therefore I had to pick a new number. 21 doesn’t have any particular significance. I’ve never previously worn it, not even in youth teams.

What aims do you have for your first week in pre-season training?

Hübner: I want to gather momentum, integrate further into the group and learn how everything works here. I think that we’ll make our first important steps forward as a team. It’s positive that there’ll be real competition in my position for the upcoming weeks. You only achieve your best when you’re pushed and challenged.

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