Luis Advincula gets visitors from Peru

On Tuesday afternoon, Hoffenheim's Luis Advincula got a special visit at the training ground in Zuzenhausen. Ten children from Peru came for a meet and greet. The children attend the Max-Uhle school in Arequipa in Peru and are currently in Germany for three months having participated in a school exchange with both the Schönborn Grammar School in Bruchsal and the Thomas Morus Secondary School in Östringen. The Peruvian consult Senor Alvarado from Frankfurt was also present.

The kids had no anxiety ahead of meeting the Peruvian international, who has been a Hoffenheim player since January. Advincula entered the room that is normally used for the club's press conferences in an open manner before shaking every child's hand and sitting down to answer questions from the kids.

One of the most important questions from the children, who are staying with guest families and are attending German schools, was about the food. “What do you make of the German food?” Advincula laughed and answered: “It's a lot better than the Ukrainian food.” The midfielder had a brief stint at Simferopol. “But it doesn't come anywhere near the Peruvian tastes of course.” Advincula arrived in Germany with two suitcases full of Peruvian delicacies.

Qualification for Brazil 2014 “a dream”

Obviously the school children, one of which had one of Advincula's jerseys from his old club Sporting Cristal Lima, also wanted to know how he has adjusted to life in Germany. “Well, even though it was difficult at the start. I feel very settled now. Fortunately I've been able to get over my car accident,” answered the 22-year-old. Above all, it was the German punctuality that he had the most trouble getting used to. “When there's training at six o'clock in Peru, the first players get there around quarter past. It's very different here,” said Advincula.

His career with the Peru national team and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil were also discussed of course. “It would be a dream to qualify. I'll never forget my first game for Peru. Listening to the national anthem on the pitch was amazing. I'm always pleased when the manager selects me.” After answering questions, the Peruvian took some photos with the exchange students and signed autographs. After that, he left to start his preparations for the afternoon training session with the team.

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