Interview with Tobias Weis

Tobias Weis had no less than three surgeries in the past year. The German international returned to training last week and played his first game in the friendly in Rosenberg since his Bundesliga match appearance against Frankfurt in early May. spoke to the midfielder and asked him about his current form and the season preparation.

Tobias, all three test matches have been won so far. How would you rate the 6-0 victory in Rosenberg?

Test games are most important to get back into a rhythm after a long break, results should not be overrated. We trained a lot over the past few days, if you consider that, then I must say we played well, perhaps we should have even scored more goals. The first real test will be the game against AFC Sunderland on August 8th.

It was the first time you played for 45 minutes after your injury. How did you knee react to this?

Very good. I didn't feel any pain and feel good overall. Obviously I'm still behind in terms of my fitness level, but I'm confident I will be ready for the DFB Cup clash against Rostock.

How has the season preparation gone so far?

First of all, I'm happy to be back with the team and that it seems that I've left my injury behind me. A season preparation is always tough, but we've worked well so far. That always leads to friendly matches not going as smoothly as one would expect.


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