A stroke of luck if you get to work inside...

The rain drops pattered on the roof of Hoffenheim's new stadium in the last week of October, and the wind whistled round the ground. So it was a stroke of luck if you were working inside the arena at this point. At this point there were 350 diligent men and women working towards a punctual completion of the project.

In recent weeks it has become possible it has been possible to reach the third floor of the Business Area from its entrance hall thanks to stairs with a glass facade. While the last suspended ceilings were being put in place in the entrance hall they had already been covered in square tiles on other floors. Circular gaps of various sizes were included to allow light in, and the dark brown floors on the first and second floors shone in the daylight. The final fixtures and fittings were now the only things left to do. A floor higher the floor is adorned with a number of large square tiles, parallel to the counters of the bar and catering areas.

With the diggers having dug the first channels for the undersoil heating, the size of the pitch is slowly becoming apparent. First border stones were placed behind the goals, and recently the first separation fences were placed on the south stand terraces behind the goal. So that the pitch was in the correct light for its first match elaborate adjustments were needed. To this end the floodlights were aligned with cones on the ground by lasers. It made for perfect illumination, but took three nights' work to get right.


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