Beier: "It's going really well at the moment"

Here's what the players and coaches had to say after the 2-1 win against SV Werder Bremen.

Anton Stach: "It is a very nice feeling to finally win at home again. The rub of the green was missing a few weeks ago, it was on our side today. We gave away slightly too much; in the first half, there were 10 minutes in which Bremen were slightly too free. It is of course frustrating that we still conceded a goal shortly before the final whistle. But in the end, it's only the three points that count. Maxi brings a lot, we're very happy that he plays for us. We have several players who can be very dangerous on the counter-attack; that worked again today."

Maximilian Beier: "Things are just working at the moment. We're going with the flow and it's extremely good fun to play football. It was a super corner before the goal for 1-0 and I struck the ball really well. Flo Grillitsch played a super ball prior to the 2-0, Ihlas Bebou also did really well and I just have to say thank you. Actually, I owe them both one. (laughs) I could have even scored a third goal. Perhaps there could have also been a penalty, but fortunately I don't have to decide that. It's an unbelievable feeling to stand on the fence after the match. I'm always delighted when I can celebrate with the fans."

Florian Grillitsch: "The second goal was beautifully created, we showed what lovely football we can play there. A super run and assist from Ihlas Bebou and a super goal from Maxi. Once down a man, we then sat deep and actually cleared everything well. Alvero then did outstandingly to score the goal and things then got tight once again, but we saw the deserved victory over the line. We had a difficult spell this season but then won in Dortmund and have now picked up the next victory. We now want to build on that and are on a good path."

Pellegrino Matarazzo: "Credit to everyone for a good performance, it's a deserved win for me. There was a phase in the first half in which we left Bremen too much space. We had to survive for a few minutes then. But we then should've actually made it 3-0 in the second half. Only after the sending-off did things get tight again. Once a man down, all the lads went beyond their limits in the closing stages. The team lives and we want to achieve more. Maxi Beier is doing very well, there's no need to beat about the bush on that. He's very important for us with his strengths and also works extremely diligently in the counter-press. He has undergone an exciting development and I'm looking forward to his path. Dennis Geiger has a muscle injury; that's very, very bitter for a player who has suffered for such a long time. But Dennis will come back, I'm sure of that. He's an important player for us."

Ole Werner (SV Werder Bremen coach): "The result is very frustrating because there was more in it for us. We played a very good first half and had lots of shooting opportunities. But we missed out on making it 1-1 before half-time and then went 2-0 down. That was probably the crucial moment. Hoffenheim had many opportunities to counter in the second half. We were then lacking that little bit of luck in the closing stages. I found our performance to be between decent and good."

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