No comment: Max Vollmar

Max Vollmar has been working for TSG Hoffenheim for almost five years. The Bonn native started out as Team Manager and has now been promoted to Head of the Licensed Player Division. The job requires a lot of organisational talent, a high level of resilience and a great deal of empathy. We also asked the 38-year-old about his life before TSG: Max Vollmar is only too happy to provide the information – without saying a single word.


How does every Hoffe fan recognise you?


What's your most important tool at work?


What do you have to remind the players about most often?


Let's be honest now: how talented were you as a footballer?


You were an actor when you were young. Do you watch your old films?


As an actor, how did you prepare yourself for your role as "Bomber"?


You're a native of the Rhineland: what can't you do without in Carnival?

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