TSG Hoffenheim cooperate with FUSSBALL KANN MEHR

As part of its strategy for the future, "TSG on the move", Bundesliga football club TSG Hoffenheim are cooperating with the FUSSBALL KANN MEHR initiative. This collaboration will focus on gender equality, diversity and the empowerment of women.

"TSG has established itself both domestically and internationally as a pioneer of innovative and sustainable transformation. In line with our 'TSG on the move' initiative, we are keen to shoulder social responsibility and take a stand on various issues. We are convinced that by placing greater emphasis on the topics of diversity, equal rights and the empowerment of women, we are providing significant momentum to move TSG forward," says Prof Dr Jan Mayer, who, as managing director of TSG Hoffenheim, is primarily responsible for corporate development. "Just like in football, it's important to be able to count on strong team members and trusting collaboration off the pitch," emphasises Mayer.

That's why TSG have turned to FUSSBALL KANN MEHR (FKM). The Hamburg-based company, whose name translates to "football can do more", will provide professional support to aid female employees and professional women's football players in their career development. The collaboration will begin with a preliminary evaluation of the organisation in order to identify and hone in on potential.

Jana Bernhard, managing director of FUSSBALL KANN MEHR gGmbH: "We are delighted that TSG 1899 Hoffenheim have joined the ranks of clubs committed to greater diversity, equal rights and the advancement of women in football. As a cooperation partner, we are happy to be supporting them on this path and helping them implement new measures. Together we can achieve a lot."

In addition to TSG, other Bundesliga clubs such as Werder Bremen, VfB Stuttgart, VfL Bochum and Eintracht Frankfurt have also joined the initiative. For TSG managing director Jan Mayer, this commitment goes beyond TSG's renowned spirit of innovation: "The cooperation sends out a signal to society. A football club with a real sense of values, one that takes action, can earn a level of respect and social acceptance that goes far beyond just sport."

FUSSBALL KANN MEHR gGmbH is a non-profit network organisation that promotes gender equality and diversity in football, among other things, and offers professional services in these areas. The focus is on the organisation's own digital network platform with expertise from sport (e.g. advisory board members Katja Kraus and Marco Bode), business (Verena Pausder), politics (Boris Pistorius) and media (Claudia Neumann). The focus is on supporting and cooperating with football clubs and institutions in the aforementioned areas. Another pillar of the non-profit organisation's work is running career-related training programmes.

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