Rudy: "We can hardly wait"

The TSG team have been preparing for the second half of the season since Tuesday. We sat down with Sebastian Rudy to talk about the break, the start of training, the end of Benjamin Hübner's career and the next competitive match.

Sebastian, the break is over and you're back on the pitch. How did you spend the free days?

"I spent the free days at home with my family and enjoying everyday life. It was very relaxed; it was a nice time for us. It does you good to have so much time with your loved ones."

Following the first training sessions, do you have the feeling that the team was looking forward to this preparatory period?

"You could sense that everyone was eager to get back on the pitch. There'll be two very intensive weeks up until the Christmas break, during which we will be working really hard. We want to lay the foundations for a successful second half of the season."

How important will the friendlies be?

"Three matches in seven days will naturally be intense, but everyone is looking forward to the games. Everyone wants to showcase themselves, to go full throttle and of course to win against Elversberg, 1860 Munich and Greuther Fürth. For us players, games are always nicer than training sessions. We can hardly wait for it to finally start up again."

The Bundesliga continues for you on 21 January when you'll be battling for points away to Union Berlin. Can you look ahead to that match already?

"They're a physically strong opponent who will challenge us right from the start. But of course, we're going there to win. It's a real test for our opening game, but that's what we play in the Bundesliga for."

Benjamin Hübner had to announce the end of his career this week. How did you take this news?

"We've known each other a long time and it makes you feel very sad. It is always nice when you can end your career on your own terms. He wasn't our captain for no reason. Whether he was injured or fit, he always led the team. He was always there and always took care of everything. Hübi was a wonderful captain, which makes it all the sadder that he has had to quit."

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