''Together we help" campaign kicks off

As we all know, Christmas is a time for reflection. At TSG Hoffenheim, we see this as a cause to support various social projects and institutions in the region through our "ZAMME HELFE MA" (together we help) campaign.

On Wednesday, TSG player Nicole Billa, first chairperson Kristian Baumgärtner and stadium announcer Mike Diehl visited the warmth bus in Heidelberg to distribute blankets and mats. Earlier in the day, TSG's eSPORTS team visited the Johannes-Diakonie charity in Schwarzach to give out TSG t-shirts and hoodies. The HOFFEXPRESS also often comes by to provide cheer and good spirits.

"The volunteers at the warmth bus not only give the homeless people meals and blankets, but above all, lend them a sympathetic ear and time for a chat. Their efforts are invaluable - and often come after a full day's work," says Kristian Baumgärtner.

TSG Hoffenheim's campaign will run until Christmas and is aimed at supporting as many social projects and institutions in the region as possible.

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