My Tattoo: Angelo Stiller

Angelo Stiller has arrived in the Bundesliga. The midfielder, who moved from the Bayern Munich U23s to TSG Hoffenheim in the summer, quickly caught the eye of fans through his exciting style of play. And those who looked even closer will have also noticed the tattoos on the 21-year-old's left arm. In SPIELFELD, the Germany U21 international presents his favourite design and explains the special significance behind it.

Angelo, what is your favourite tattoo?

"This is the compass on my left forearm. At the top you can see the skyline of Munich, the lower part looks like a normal compass at first, but instead of the cardinal directions there are four initials of the names of my family members."

What meaning goes the tattoo have for you?

"I'm a family person, so I had always planned to do something with the initials. That way I always carry the people who are most important to me with me. I was born and grew up in Munich. Before joining TSG, I didn't live in any other city. On the skyline you can see the most important buildings, such as the Frauenkirche and the Olympic Tower, but also the Alps in the background. Munich is my home and of course it means a lot to me after all this time."

When did you get it done?

"It must have been in 2020. I went to the tattoo artist for the first time and got several done at once. I was there for a total of eight hours, so it was as painful as you'd expect. (laughs) It was the first time for me, so I wasn't familiar with the pain, but you get used to it pretty quickly."

On your left forearm there's a tattoo of a football with a crown on it. What does that one mean?

"Football has always played an important role in my life. My dad put me in goal before I could even walk. I have been kicking the ball ever since I can remember. So it was always clear to me that I wanted to have a tattoo with a ball on my body. I found the motif with the crown on top very fitting. David Raum actually has a pretty similar one."

Do you have tattoos in other places besides your left forearm?

"Not yet, but that's definitely coming. I would like to get a tattoo on my left upper-arm in the summer. I haven't decided on an exact design yet. I'm happy to talk to my tattoo artist about it, he's incredibly creative and comes up with great things. We'll see what comes after that. But it probably won't be my last tattoo."

Is there another sportsperson whose tattoos you particularly like?

"I can't immediately think of any footballers, but Lewis Hamilton is a good example. He looks great. I also follow a lot of NBA players and look at their designs. I like to be inspired by that."

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