No comment: David Raum

"I'm currently living the dream of every boy who loves football," said a visibly moved David Raum after scoring in the 3-1 victory against FC Augsburg. The 23-year-old subsequently tattooed the motto "Living the Dream" on his chest over the winter break. Within a year, the winger completed a switch from the second division to TSG, won the European Championship title with the Germany U21s, played at the Olympic Games and made his debut for the senior national team. An insane rise. In a SPIELFELD interview, the 23-year-old offers us some private insight – without uttering a word.


David, in addition to the words "Living the dream", there are many other tattoos adorning your body including a lion on your upper arm. What does the animal symbolise?


What could you be seen doing the night after winning the U21 European Championship?


If you'd been told a year ago that you'd soon be a senior international, how would you have reacted?


Your recent development has been rapid what's your take on the past few months?


What do you think is your greatest strength on the football pitch?


You scored your first Bundesliga goal in December away to SC Freiburg. Had you thought about your celebration?


Do you work a lot on your physique off the football pitch?


If you hadn't become a professional footballer, what would your job be today?


Are you an easy-going or active person in your free time?


What sport do you like to watch most on TV  aside from football?

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