Howie's big catch

Håvard Nordtveit is a passionate sportsman. SPIELFELD readers have long known it isn't just football the TSG player loves - he also takes great pleasure in cross-country skiing and fly fishing. For the September issue, the 31-year-old gave a demonstration of how he goes salmon fishing in his homeland, including the correct technique for catching a fish and pulling it out the water.

''Stretch the arm out, pull it back and - bam, the rod's in the water. Then wait a bit - it might take a short time, it might take a long time - and when you feel a pull on the road, slowly wind the reel back in and pull it towards you gently,'' says the Norwegian with a big grin on his face. But that's not everything: ''When you want to get the hooked fish into the boat, you have to be careful. It's not just about winding the reel in. Sometimes it's a real struggle. You lift the rod up, then wind the reel to draw the fish closer. If the rod drops down again, then you have to start the whole thing over again: rod up and wind until the fish emerges from the water by the side of the boat.''

As soon as he has the fish out the water and has freed it from the hook, he always holds it up to examine it before putting it on the scales. He still remembers his record catch: ''It weighed almost six kilos, it really was a big one.''

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