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The kick-off of the new FIFA 22 season marks the start of our search for the first TSG eChampion! Who can claim the throne in the latest edition of the EA game? All will be decided in our offline final in the summer of 2022. The event will be held in the most fitting of venues - the PreZero Arena!

But before 64 players receive their invitation to the final showdown in our home stadium, they first have to earn their place by making it through qualification. Four paths lead to the offline final: the now familiar TSG Fan eCups, the new TSG Fan Duels, the Ranking and eight direct tickets. The TSG Fan eCups are always held online on PlayStation and Xbox in the week before each of our Bundesliga team's home games, and both winners are eligible for the offline TSG eChampion final. What is more, they'll get the chance to play the cross-console winner of the TSG Fan eCup in the PreZero Arena prior to the home game in question. The prizes for winning the TSG Fan eCup are four tickets for the club's next home game, a PSN card worth 15 and a voucher code for the TSG fan shop worth €10

A new addition to the TSG eSPORTS landscape are the duel rooms: in contrast to the classic knock-out tournaments like the TSG Fan eCups, players have to collect as many points as possible in the TSG Fan Duels within a limited period of time by challenging and defeating other participants. The TSG Fan Duels will also be held on both PlayStation and Xbox, and once again both winners will move on to the offline finals. Whoever comes second can look forward to receiving a TSG eSPORTS jersey, the third-place finisher will receive a PSN card worth 25 and the fourth-place finisher will receive a voucher code for the TSG fan shop worth €10. To ensure equal opportunities, both the TSG Fan eCups and the TSG Fan Duels will be played in FIFA 22 90s mode, and all participants will also collect points for the overall ranking on their way to becoming TSG eChampion.

Stay in the game - ranking points are critical

And this is where the third qualification option comes into play: in addition to the winners of the TSG Fan eCups and the TSG Fan Duels, the six best-placed players from the PlayStation and Xbox rankings will also move on to the offline finals. If there are already qualified players among them - winners of the previous competitions - the next best players in the rankings will move up. In addition, eight tickets to the finals will be awarded directly, these may be wildcards drawn from competitions organised through TSG partners. Think you can beat the competition at FIFA 22? Then register now for the first tournaments in search for the TSG eChampion! Whoever triumphs in the PreZero Arena at the end will not only win eternal FIFA fame, but possibly also a place on our professional eSPORTS team! A screening process will be held on the day of the finals, during which the potential candidates will be tested on a personal, sporting and media level. 

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