Digital meeting with Kevin Akpoguma

TSG Hoffenheim has been active on the African continent for a number of years as part of its strategy for the future:Uganda, South Africa, Namibia and, since last year, an initiative in East Africa which combines sport with education. The ''Bundesliga Youth Ambassador'' programme (BUYA) in Kenya uses football as a catalyst for social change and forms a core part of the club's ''TSG is movement'' strategy. To highlight this, TSG organised a digital meet & greet with first-team player Kevin Akpoguma.

It wasn't just any meeting: over 6,000 kilometres may separate TSG's training ground in Zuzenhausen from Kenya's capital city Nairobi, Kevin Akpoguma wasn't going to let that get in the way of a digital Q&A session with numerous participants in the ''Bundesliga Youth Ambassador'' project. The initiative gives 34 young people from Kenya the opportunity to undergo an 18-month programme which through diverse workshops focused on life skills, equal rights, coaching and football will enable them to expand their knowledge, develop skills and ultimately act as role models in their communities.

The 26-year-old took time to answer the questions posed by the BUYAS group and gave fascinating insights into the everyday life of a Bundesliga player. In addition to touching on personal highs such as winning the U20 European Championship and playing in the Champions League, the defender also discussed the challenges and setbacks he has faced and how he deals with them. ''For me football is pure joy. But there are moments that aren't so easy for a footballer - like when you lose a game or suffer an injury - so that makes it all the more important to surround yourself with people who support you. My family and friends have a special role to play in this regard,'' said Akpoguma. 

Akpoguma also spoke to the participants about the importance of education in the life of young footballers, his role models and his personal connection to the African content: ''Nigeria is a brilliant country with so many great people and an incredible culture. I'm so happy every time I get the chance to travel to Africa.'' To close out the session, Akpoguma had a special message for the Bundesliga ambassadors: ''Hard work, gratitude and modesty are the key to success. Enjoy every day and every minute of your life, because it's far too valuable to get worked up over small things. Try to be the best version of yourself.''

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