''Strong together for sport'' with SAP, SNP and Joma

The Bundesliga football club TSG Hoffenheim, together with its partners SAP, SNP and Joma, is taking a strong stand for sport and our region. All sports clubs in the Rhine-Neckar region are called upon to send in photos, videos or other digital presentations in which they highlight their strength as a community in the Corona pandemic and use the campaign logo - on the football pitch, in the clubhouse, in the living room or elsewhere.

The logo for "Strong together for sport" is an arm held high with a firm bicep and the hand clenched into a fist. A jury, which will include TSG players from the first-team squad, will decide on the most creative entries. All entries must comply with the Coronavirus regulations currently in place. The clubs that receive an award will receive a full kit from TSG equipment supplier Joma, sponsored by SNP and SAP, which features the campaign logo. This means that winnings clubs will be perfectly kitted-out when the time comes for the return of competitive sporting action.

Send you photos and videos to TSG, SAP, SNP and Joma wish all participants good luck.

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